Wednesday, October 19, 2016

I May Have A Scrap Problem... Upcycling!!

Hi, all!

Are you having any success getting your scraps in a semblance of order?  Just a reminder - it's just a few short weeks until Christmas, and imagine how many great gifts you could make using your scrap stash!  Just as a suggestion, you might check out my friend Chris's blog post today... (hop over and take a look, then come back!)

I love the way she put her mug rug in a small tray!  Mug rugs are so quick and simple, and you can use up a bunch of scraps with them. Add a mug and a little bundle of homemade cookies, and you've got a great gift!

You can see more mug rug ideas on my Pinterest page, 

Then, when I was going through some of my old pictures pulling out pics of my eldest granddaughter for her annual quilt, I found a pic of this quilt...

I didn't make this one, and don't know where I originally saw this picture, but I'm glad I found it today.  What a great scrap buster!   I can see making the string blocks in between other projects, using up the leftovers and strings I've got lying around, then spending an afternoon making the hourglass blocks to finish it up.  

And this past week, I've been diligently making blocks from all those men's ties - 100 blocks all completed, and sewn together in 4's!

I should have this memory quilt finished by the end of the week.  What a great way to use up old men's ties!  I'll warn you, it's a bit time consuming, but it is really pretty when it's done.  

So that's been my week, scrap-wise.  I need to get cracking on Lilli's annual quilt, which will use up a huge amount of scraps.  Hopefully I can start on that as soon as I finish the men's ties quilt!

Is your scrap monster starting to look a little bit more domesticated these days?



Monday, October 17, 2016

Make-A-List Monday - Back to Basics

Hi, all!

Monday has rolled around once again, and it's going to usher in a slightly different week for me - filled with things I've needed to do for a while!  But more about that in a minute - first let's see how last week's list fared...

1.  Work on the blocks for the tie/memory quilt. (This one has to be finished by Halloween.)
Done!  I finished the 100 blocks required Sunday afternoon, and will work on assembling them this week!

2.  Quilt six quilts for Stash Builder Box!
Done, and they've been sent to Amanda for distribution to this quarter's charity, Peach's Neet Feet!

3.  Finish the pillow tops.
Done!  Here's just a teaser of one of the tops...

Stay tuned for my stop on the Artisan blog tour coming up 10/28!

4.  Quilt the orange peel top.
Nope!  I just flat ran out of time - those string blocks took a lot longer than I anticipated.

5.  Mail two baby quilts to the soon-to-be parents!
Done!  One has been happily received, and I'm waiting to hear back on the other one...

6.  Pull together a t-shirt quilt "portfolio" of sample designs and prices.
Done!  Still waiting to hear back from the potential client...

7.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that one up.
Done!  We gave away a few quilts this week...

This quilt went to a young woman with leukemia...

This one went to a woman our high school mission team ministered to in West Virginia last week.  Her husband died unexpectedly this week.

This quilt went to the couple who hosted our mission team in West Virginia...

...and this quilt went to the homeless woman who cooked all the meals for the mission team in WV!

And finally, this quilt went to a man dealing with cancer.

So all in all, a pretty productive week.  I wish I had been able to quilt that orange peel quilt, but I'm happy with how much I got finished!

And now, an explanation about my choice of tasks for this week.  My daughter has just started selling LuLaRoe clothes, and I offered to host a pop-up party at my house this week.  Sunday when we were looking over the week's schedule, my husband noted that I was having people over Thursday night, and fist-pumped, saying, "Hooray - clean house!!"  OK, y'all, I will admit freely that I'm not a great housekeeper - I'd much rather be quilting!  And my husband is long-suffering, never ever saying anything about the house needing cleaning.  So - I'll be spending a good amount of time this week doing a good deep cleaning of the house, mainly for him!  It's not nearly as much fun as quilting, but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do!  So here's my list for this week...

1.  Deep clean the house before my LuLaRoe pop-up party. (We won't go into exactly what that entails, just know that I won't be enjoying any of it!)

2.  Assemble the memory quilt blocks.

3.  Make a back for the memory quilt.

4.  Scope out photo shoot locations for my stop on 
the Artisan blog tour.

5.  If the leaves turn this weekend, take my photos for 
the Artisan blog tour!

6.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up!

I'm so excited about my upcoming Artisan blog post!  I'm hoping for some beautiful fall color in my pictures, though, and it's been too hot for the leaves to turn yet.  But the weather is supposed to turn markedly cooler this weekend, and I've scoped out several spots with lots of maples just waiting to change color, so hopefully luck will be with me!

So that's what I'll be doing - and now the question is - - - what are YOU working on this week?



Friday, October 14, 2016

Can I Get A Whoop Whoop? Sunshine-y Quilts For Kids...

Hi, all!

Wow - it's Friday again, already!  It amazes me how fast the weeks seem to go towards the end of the year - there are only ten more Fridays until Christmas, and they seem to be racing past.  But it's the time of year for creating, so we should have lots to whoop about!  Let's get started!


First of all, I want to share some quilt tops I had the honor of quilting this week...

As you may remember, I joined up to be a HeartBuilder with Stash Builder Box, and I have been quilting tops made by other Heartbuilders that will be given to children through Peach's Neet Feet, a group that provides custom, hand-painted shoes to children living with disabilities and fighting serious illnesses.  The charity receiving quilts changes every quarter - we will be making quilts for a different charity starting in November.

And here are the finished quilts, all washed and ready to be given out!  This is such a great company - subscription boxes full of fun fabric and patterns, and 20% of the proceeds goes directly to providing quilts for children in need.  If you're not already a part of this program, check it out by clicking here!


I also started working on a memory quilt this week, made of men's neckties.  Neckties take a LONG time to take apart and cut up!

I cut up an old cutting mat to make a template for the center blade of the blocks.  This is a great way to use those expensive mats when they start to get raggedy or if you iron on top of them and raise a bubble (don't ask me how I know that) and I usually tuck them away for just this purpose.  

And so, this afternoon, after finally getting all those ties cut into strips of fabric, I managed to get 18 blocks put together.  I think this is going to look really interesting - I wish the photo could pick up the iridescence of the silks in the ties, but it was late in the afternoon and no light coming in.  Only 82 more blocks to go!  This one has to be done two weeks from now, so I'll really have to buckle down and get them made.  

And that's what I've been working on this week!  
Can I get a whoop whoop?


AND - - - it's time for another stop on the Artisan blog hop for Kaffe Fassett's new line of fabrics!  Today is when Holly of Bijou Lovely shares her creation - and it's just gorgeous!  Be sure to hop over to her blog and check it out - she has some beautiful Kaffe Fassett fabrics to give away, too!  


And now it's your turn!

What's got you whooping it up this week?

What's making you dance the happy dance?

Share - we want to dance right along with you - 
And it's always more fun to dance with friends!

The party will stay open until Sunday midnight.

Hope to see you there!